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If you want reliable, cost-effective servicing for your VW Caddy, then book it into Performance 3000. We offer you unbeatable staff expertise and vehicle knowledge, and friendly, personal customer service.

Whatever the age of your vehicle, we have a servicing option to fit. If your Caddy is still within its warranty period, at Performance 3000 we’ll service it according to the VW servicing schedule using genuine replacement parts and lubricants to ensure that your warranty remains valid. For vehicles where warranty is no longer an issue, we have three servicing levels – Interim, Full and Major – which cover the servicing needs of pretty much every vehicle, based on its age, annual mileage and usage.

For more information or to book your VW Caddy in for a service, call us on 01935 427554 or contact us here.

Interim VW Caddy Servicing


Service Includes:

  • Check operation of external lights
  • Check operation of instrument warning lamps
  • Check horn
  • Check operation and condition of windscreen wipers and washers
  • Top up windscreen washer reservoir with additive if required
  • Drain engine oil, replace oil filter and refill with fresh oil
  • Check and advise on general oil leaks
  • Check coolant level and top up
  • Advise on antifreeze strength
  • Check AdBlue (top up extra cost)
  • Check timing belt replacement intervals and advise
  • Top up brake fluid if required
  • Visual check of brake pads for wear
  • Check tyre condition and tyre depths
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures
  • Check steering rack gaiters condition
  • Check power steering fluid reservoir for leaks and top up
  • Visually check and advise on condition of exhaust
  • Check clutch fluid level (if applicable)
  • Check transmission oil leaks
  • Reset vehicle service light where applicable
  • Stamp service book

Full VW Caddy Servicing


Service Includes:

  • All service items included in interim service
  • Check and advise on pollen filter condition
  • Check windscreen for cracks and chips
  • Check mirror condition (internal and external)
  • Check number plate condition
  • Check seat belts
  • Replace air filter
  • Check radiator and coolant hoses for condition and leaks including header tank
  • Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt)
  • Change spark plugs on petrol engines dependent upon mileage (extra cost)
  • Visual check of fuel system
  • Check/advise brake fluid condition and report
  • Visual check of brake discs for wear
  • Visual check all visible brake pipes and hoses
  • Check operation of handbrake
  • Visual check brake callipers for leaks and security
  • Check condition of road springs
  • Check steering/suspension components
  • Check shock absorber condition and report
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Visually check exhaust smoke (diesel engine only)
  • Check drive shaft gaiters for security and report leaks

Major VW Caddy Servicing


Service Includes:

  • All service items included in full service
  • Check door, bonnet and lock operation
  • Check air conditioning system operation
  • Replace fuel filter if fitted externally from tank
  • Check radiator cap
  • Check electrical coolant fan (if applicable)
  • Visual check of fuel system and tank if visible
  • Remove and refit all road wheels
  • Check clutch operation and adjust (if applicable)

Your VW Warranty is Safe at Performance 3000

The legislation is called Block Exemption and it basically means that you can take your VW to an independent garage such as Performance 3000 and when we service your vehicle following the manufacturer’s specifications, your warranty remains intact. It’s a no-brainer really – have your vehicle serviced at Performance 3000 with the same (or maybe better) quality of workmanship as the dealers but with great savings on price.

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